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Company values

We move quickly. We drive results with limited resources. We aren’t afraid to correct course if something isn’t working.

Teke teke is a Sheng adverb, a dialect of Swahili spoken by urban youth. It comes from the noun “Mateke” which literally translates to "a kick". When you've been told to do something "teke teke", It means to move fast and accomplish tasks with urgency.

We value long-term growth over short-term gains, and we have the resilience to make it happen. We overcome adversity together.

Uvumulivu is a Kiswahili noun which means patience. Its connotation is that if you are patient and trust that the outcome will be good, then you will achieve your goals and reach where you are going.

To build a world-class team, we give workers top-tier training to deliver the best product. This is how we win the hearts of our clients.

Mali Safi is from Sheng, a dialect of Kiswahili spoken by urban youth. It translates to “Good Property.” It refers to anything that is of excellent quality. For example, you can commonly hear it from a proud, second-hand clothes shop owner describing his clothes.

We don't just show up. We drive consistent results everyday. We build trust by following through and meeting deadlines.

Wale wasee is from Sheng, a dialect of Kiswahili spoken by urban youth. It literally translates to “We are those guys”, and connotes someone that commands respect because they are reliable, and will always hack a solution to deliver on what they promised. “Guys” also has the connotation of very fond colleagues, and people you can trust.

We put people first. We uplift our local communities by nourishing mutual respect and creating shared value.

Twatunza is from the Kiswahili verb “Kutunza”, which means "to care for". Its conjugation translates to “We care”, and it means all of us are caring for each other with purpose and intention.

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Evan McElwain


Evan is a former JPM stock broker who spent the last six years in the NYC startup ecosystem across a variety of roles at a VC and VC-backed startup. Most recently, Evan was the Director of Growth at Bowery Capital where he worked with seed-stage founders on their sales, marketing, and customer success strategies. Previously, Evan built a GTM team as the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Rocketrip, a Series C travel tech startup.

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