Businesses are facing new data protection and security challenges, which can make outsourcing tricky. All our work is done in-person at our own sites, so we're able to replicate data security protocols and increase data safety for all clients.

As the pioneer for secure data operations in East Africa, Africa AI can accommodate the requirements of compliant-ridden industries to meet your specific requirements.

Data Security Foundation

Commitment to enterprise-grade and industry-specific security

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Workforce security practices and fundamental network security policies

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Externally audited operations with robust controls that scale to meet your demands

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Your entire dedicated team signs an NDA to keep your work completely confidential

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Compliant, Secure Operations

Africa AI is the premier provider of high security managed workforce services in East Africa. Standard operations include biometric authentication, secure firewall, no personal devices on the production floor, Active Directory, and locked ports on all machines to ensure your data stays secure and confidential. Africa AI is also in the process of becoming SOC II-compliant.

Industry-Specific Data Protections

Some industries carry a larger privacy burden than others, and thus need to be more controlled. With a dramatically changed data security and privacy landscape, Africa AI has set the precedent of secure industry-specific data operations. Examples of previous client requests include fully encrypted hard drives and dedicated production rooms.

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Data privacy, IT security, and confidentiality are paramount for a lot of our early-stage portfolio companies (some of which are still in stealth mode), especially for the ones with enterprise customers. Being able to have an outsourcing partner like Africa AI that can adapt to meet various portcos’ security needs is a game changer and has enabled us to recommend them with confidence regardless of industry.

Eugene Godsoe
Director of Growth, Bowery Capital

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