High Quality, Every Time

High quality data operations to hone your AI models and accelerate your product roadmap.

Quality starts with a consistent, dedicated team with little-to-no turnover. Africa AI unlocks best-in-class worker retention and quality by building sites next to where workers live instead of miles away in the city center.

Proven Methodology

A structured project launch is vital to the long-term success of any project

Complimentary analysis to ensure mutual agreement on project scope and cost

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Dedicated teams of analysts whose skills best align to your business requirements

Market-leading worker retention guarantees consistent quality for your specific workflow

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Direct feedback loop with your dedicated team enables you to have full control

Find the Right Talent

From the start, you will be matched with experienced talent to help take you to the next level. Africa AI has the workflow expertise, experience in industry-specific use cases, and robust market-proven technology infrastructure to guide you to the right combination of people and technology to deliver quality results.

From Pilot to Production

Take the guesswork out of your data operations. Be matched with experienced talent within days (not weeks) as we move from pilot to production to quickly resolve edge cases, false positives, and other AI exceptions while producing high-quality production-ready data. Launch and scale automation products faster than ever.

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Highly responsive, superb quality, and quick to help us in a pinch when we need to scale up volumes to meet tight deadlines! We’re excited to continue growing our partnership with them.

Elaine Kelly
CRO, Klir

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