Your volume requirements will likely outgrow traditional in-house teams and capacity, but outsourcing to legacy BPOs can be costly. Africa AI delivers high quality at an affordable price, and our best clients even see us as a true extension of their team (not just a mechanism to stay lean).

Unlock Savings

Our unique delivery model allows us to lower costs without sacrificing quality

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Managed workers are incentivized to get the work right, especially more complex and subjective tasks

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Kenya is the rising global hub for outsourcing because of its low costs, great internet, and English as a primary language

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We have less overhead than competitors thanks to smaller, decentralized sites, and we share those savings with you

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Strong local community relationships and a great culture allow us to recruit workers faster and retain them for longer

Lower Data Labeling Costs

Building a data labeling pipeline doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive. Easily tap into Africa AI’s market-proven ecosystem of best practices to build and scale your own labeling team confidently without adding headcount.

Higher Quality Product

Since your products can’t operate entirely autonomously (yet), Africa AI can significantly reduce the product operations cost and time needed to deliver an exceptional user experience.

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The Africa AI team has been an ideal data labeling partner for us. Being able to leverage a dedicated team that feels like an extension of our own has been key to our success, especially with a use-case as niche and industry-specific as ours. We've used and evaluated a variety of labeling partners and Africa AI continues to come out on top on price and quality.

Matt King
CEO, FruitScout

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