Through a community-centered approach, Africa AI operates five offices across Kenya to help you unlock a scalable solution. You can now scale data workflows regardless of maturity and size - all while increasing the flexibility within your data and product operations.

Scaling Data Production

Accelerating and scaling your data operations starts with a reliable workforce

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Elastic capacity to scale your team up and down without compromising quality

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Iterate and evolve requirements and scope as your complexity and volume needs change

Dedicated project managers and trainers enable your team to scale with ease

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Organized, accessible communication with your team makes it easy to scale the process

Grow With Us

As you build out your data pipelines and capabilities, the need to iterate and adjust is unavoidable as your business requirements change over time. Africa AI provides a flexible workforce to take on a multitude of projects and task types to grow with you as you reach different stages of maturity.

Move Faster

Africa AI’s expansive workforce and multiple delivery sites streamline the development, implementation, and refinement of data work streams, and enables you to build automation capabilities in a rapid and reliable manner.

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As a new startup, it's imperative to find vendors who can be flexible and scale alongside of you. We've been very fortunate to engage with Africa AI because although we're their customer, they feel like a partner in this journey who works to consult and propose the best solutions vs. execute our instructions.

Fran Brzyski
CEO, Hark

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